What can I do with my images?

If you are contemplating a portrait session with, or for, your  much loved horse or dog and wondering what you might do with your images after the session then I am here to help with a few ideas and inspiration Hanging your favourites on your walls is an obvious place to start. There is definitely […]

Dressing for your portrait session

Friesian horse photographed in the woods

Not sure what to wear for your photo shoot that will look good on camera? If you are planning on being in the images with your horse (and I strongly recommend that you are, even if it’s just a few) then what to wear is probably going to be on your mind It’s true that […]

Why take portraits with your horse?

Equestrian leads her two grey horses across a Northamptonshire field of long grass

It’s getting warmer, birds are singing and the grass is green.  Anytime now your four-legged pal will stop looking like a wooly mammoth, and you start thinking that it’d be nice to get some professional portraits with your horse But then again maybe you’ll get around to it later. When you’ve got a bit more […]

Your portrait experience

Equestrian walks with her horse down a lane in Berkshire

Whatever your experience of having your photograph taken I am here to help make the process as easy, relaxing and enjoyable as possible My aim is to provide you with a relaxed and enjoyable experience that will result in beautiful natural images, that you will treasure, of  you and your horse, dog or human family […]

Equestrian family

Equestrian family is a personal project of mine.  I love the idea of more than one generation in a family being ‘horsey’; brother and sister, husband and wife, mother and daughter, three generations… I am always thrilled to capture that connection.  Here are a few of the equestrian family images from last year If you’re […]

How much does equine photography cost?

Black and white imagBlack fell pony with a long mane and a girl holding his head in her hands

Every photographer has their own style and ‘eye’ for a picture, and there is almost as many ways for them to price their work.  Price will naturally be influenced by factors such as: Reputation, skills and experience of the photographer Demand and availability Local market Nature of the photography experience Length of session and what’s […]

Pole clinic fun

It was fantastic to hang out at Rebecca Drane Dressage at her pole clinics for Milton Keynes Riding Club and Aspley Guise and District Riding Club.  It was wonderful to watch so many horses and ponies of different types and experience levels having such good fun whilst working hard

Ride High special offer

I have been proud to support the Charity Ride High for a number of years now Local to me Ride High is a charity that works with children in Milton Keynes, particularly those living in some of the most deprived areas, and transforms the lives of disadvantaged children and those having difficulties in their daily […]

Featured equine session – March 2022

Louise, Oliver, Fabs, Bella and Freya   That seems like quite a party when written like that but what a joy to photograph Louise with her fabulous four-legged family.  Louise is a dressage rider and Oliver and Fabs are her competition horses.  Bella her puppy, and Freya, who made a brief appearance at the end […]

Three ponies and the family dog

Milton Keynes pony and rider

A summer session, tall meadow flowers and quiet green spaces, with three ponies and we even managed to get the family dog involved (briefly) Meet Becca’s gang Shade, Calypso and Binky.  It’s clear when you see them together that she loves them to pieces.  Shade is her main man.  I had such fringe envy.  Backed […]