What can I do with my images?

If you are contemplating a portrait session with, or for, your  much loved horse or dog and wondering what you might do with your images after the session then I am here to help with a few ideas and inspiration

Hanging your favourites on your walls is an obvious place to start. There is definitely something uplifting about being around art work of your horse or dog every day


A fireplace is the perfect focal point for art – a place anyone who visits your home will see and for the same reason over the sofa is another popular choice

Want to keep your artwork to yourself then a bedroom may the perfect location

Don’t be afraid to consider art in unconventional spaces bathroom (as long as you take precautions to protect it from the steam) garden room, or the play room often make creative places for display

Even Kitchens offer wonderful wall space for your equine/ canine love. It’s the heart of your home so an ideal place for you to be around art of your horse/ dog

Some spaces demand an impact. If the wall you want to fill is a large one, make sure to scale your artwork to fill the space. It can be hugely disappointing if you get artwork home and it disappears when it’s hung on the wall

How about your hallway? Your horse/ dog featured in your front hall is another popular choice. It will make you smile each and every time you come and go

Prints with a mat and clean-lined frame can be designed to go with any decor style. Ideal for many of the suggestions above but also a timeless and elegant choice for your office space

Not enough wall space for all the images you’d like to keep? Then an album may be the way to go. A truly luxurious way to showcase your beloved horse or dog. Crafted to last a lifetime and go with you anywhere. Leave it out on display for your family and friends to admire

Feeling inspired to create your own photographic art of your horse or dog?

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