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Kate Everall Photography
Lifestyle family, newborn baby and pet photography outdoors or at home
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As a life long lover of horses and dogs, it seemed only logical to merge this  with my family portrait business.  I am dedicated to capturing for my clients those special moments between you and your family, four legged as well as two!  I offer outdoor and at home photography experiences and aim to provide you with portraits that capture personality as well as deep friendship and love

I have been a portrait photographer for over 14 years.  I took my first professional photographs in 2005 and became a limited company a couple of years later.  I have never used a studio because my approach is all about natural, authentic, personal images

My roomies…

Introducing Miley and Barney my current four-legged residents

Meet Miley

Miley came to me when she was about three.  We know very little about her background.  She’s an independent free spirit and adventurer, and would like nothing more that to be off to explore the world and has been known to stay away far too long!  At home she is cuddle bucket and loves nothing better than a belly rub

Milton Keynes, Buckingham,Towcester dog photography

Say hello to Barney

Barney is the puppy of the family.  Another re-home, he is bouncy and crazy.  Loves tug of war and charging around.  He will chase birds all day long given the chance, no matter how high they’re flying.  He’s even been known to chase an helicopter – so you have to admire his optimism!

Milton Keynes, Buckingham,Towcester dog photography

Natural light

It gives a softer more flattering feel to all my portrait work both outdoors and studio style indoors.

All the images you see on these pages have been taken using natural light.

Looking your best

They call it lifestyle but basically my approach is to blend candid and posed shots to make sure that you and your family are captured looking your best

Authentic expression

Laughing, or not, my aim is always to create beautiful authentic images.

Photographs that are seen

If you love them why keep them to yourself?  I want to take photographs that you will love and be proud to hang on your wall and show off to your friends and family


We won’t dictate to you what you must by, so our photographs are available  ‘a la carte’  or through custom packages, that your create yourself, for even better value

Outdoors is fun

I guess I’ve always been a bit of an ‘outdoors sort of girl’ and so this is where I love to do as much of my work as possible.  Why confine yourself to the four walls and boring backgrounds of a studio when you can go out, have some fun, and take advantage of the infinite variety the world has to offer.