Dressing for your portrait session

Not sure what to wear for your photo shoot that will look good on camera?

If you are planning on being in the images with your horse (and I strongly recommend that you are, even if it’s just a few) then what to wear is probably going to be on your mind

It’s true that what you wear will have an impact on the look and feel of final images, but it’s also important to remember that you and your horse are the subjects and stars of your portraits not your clothes!

Dress to be comfortable

Whatever you choose to wear make sure that you are comfortable. If you are most comfortable in jeans and t shirts then a dramatic dress may not be the way to go. If you are uncomfortable it shows on camera, and your horse will pick up on it too!

Of course this is also your chance to go for it if you want to, so by all means break out your ballgown, wedding dress, prom dress and let’s have some fun

Dress for the season

The season is going to be a big factor in dressing for your photo session. As we come into the autumn and winter then layers, jackets, faux fur and boots are likely to be more appropriate and look better than say shorts and t shirt (which would look fab and sassy in Summer)

Dress to suit your colouring

Stylists often talk about seasons in terms of colour, light airy pastels in Spring and Summer and rich darker colours in Autumn and Winter. Keep in mind that you will most want to wear colours that suit you, your hair and eye colour as well as skin tone


Complement your horse

Dressing to suit you can be hard but we also need to factor in your horse too! When styling your equine shoot you are both the stars so you want to stand out and shine not blend. A general guide is lighter and brighter if you have a darker horse and darker colours (for you that is) if you have a lighter horse. If you have a coloured horse I’d suggest sticking to a solid colour. If you are both wearing patterns it could look very busy

Pick more than one outfit

Even if you only want to wear one outfit during your shoot I would suggest select a couple of different ones so that you can choose the best for how you feel on the day. If you have the opportunity to change it up during your session having some alternatives to hand (such as a casual outfit and a dressy outfit, or a riding outfit and a formal outfit) is great to give you more variety in your images and show the different sides of your personality and the relationship with your horse

If you have some ideas in mind but you don’t know what’s going to photograph well, just ask me!


A scarf or hat is a great way to change up your clothing choices and/ or add a pop of colour, without too much extra effort and wearing something that has particular significance for you and be a great way to personalise your images, or maybe chhoose something just because it might be fun!

When choosing accessories it’s important to remember that you are going to be up close and personal with your horse. I’d suggest keeping them simple, non spooky and not likely to get caught if your horse suddenly decides to step forward… or backward


PS don’t forget your horse can have accessories too!

Written down like this it might seem like a lot to think about but I hope that these tips will help when it comes to styling your session and you will feel more prepared when it comes to your big day

My advice is to keep it simple, pick an outfit or two that co-ordinates with your horse, the season and your personal colouring and then go out and enjoy the time spent with you horse

And as a Kate Everall Photography client I can help. I’m happy to provide you with some guidance to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in what you wear, and photograph well, as well as looking good with your horse

Not booked your portrait session with your horse yet?

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