Featured equine session – March 2022

Louise, Oliver, Fabs, Bella and Freya


That seems like quite a party when written like that but what a joy to photograph Louise with her fabulous four-legged family.  Louise is a dressage rider and Oliver and Fabs are her competition horses.  Bella her puppy, and Freya, who made a brief appearance at the end of the shoot, is now the old lady of the pack


This wasn’t a photoshoot about backgrounds and glorious views.  It mostly took place in and around the yard.  It was a photoshoot that was all about relationship


Louise has such a fantastic relationship with her horses.  It’s the number one thing that I look to capture in every shoot.  Connection.  It’s what always makes the difference and you can see it in the images from this session.  For me it doesn’t matter how beautifully styled, lit and posed a photograph is, if that connection is missing then the ‘heart’ ‘feeling’ and emotion is missing, and somehow the image seems less real





“Last week Kate came and did a photoshoot with me and the boys.  She made us feel so relaxed and captured some really special moments of me with my gorgeous horses and dogs.  I am totally thrilled with the pictures”

“Thank you again for those pictures. I just keep looking at them”


Here are just a few images from this fabulous session



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