Three ponies and the family dog

A summer session, tall meadow flowers and quiet green spaces, with three ponies and we even managed to get the family dog involved (briefly)

Meet Becca’s gang Shade, Calypso and Binky.  It’s clear when you see them together that she loves them to pieces.  Shade is her main man.  I had such fringe envy.  Backed and trained by Becca, she says he’s a prize clown but they look so good together.

When it comes to Binky, Becca describes him as ‘very very sweet, and so beautiful I’ve been stopped mine ride so he could join in a photoshoot’.  I can see why.  He stood so beautifully amongst all thought yellow flowers and gave me all the poses a photographer might want.

Calypso is the newest member of the gang, feisty and sweet, more sweet on show during the session.  Just beautiful.


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