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lifestyle newborn

Why lifestyle newborn photography?

The arrival of a newborn baby is such a special time in any family.  The waiting is over, you’ve chosen a name, and finished decorating the nursery, and now have this tiny precious life in your arms.  After all that time and planning it’s difficult to believe how quickly they are going to grow and change.  This is one of your family’s major milestones and definitely one worth capturing in photo form.

A beautifully posed newborn is gorgeous.  Those tiny features all curled up and foetal like.  That much cuteness is hard to resist and what baby doesn’t look sweet in a basket?  So why choose ‘lifestyle’ or life inspired’ newborn photography

Beautiful and natural

Lifestyle photography is all about naturalness.  About images that are unforced and inspired by your life and your family.  They are images that show emotions and are designed to stand the test of time.  They are moments that you can look back and remember and that your children (and their children) can look at and understand not just how small and cute they were, but where your family was at that time and how much they were loved.


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Studio newborn (or studio style) are generally completed within the first two weeks from your baby’s birth.  The reason for this is because they can still be posed in that fabulous curled up look.  Lifestyle newborn can give you a couple more weeks to get your session organised because the emphasis is on the natural ‘at home’ look rather than the posed.

Pictures with Mum and Dad (and siblings too)

One of my favourite thing about lifestyle newborn photography is the opportunity to have natural looking photographs of Mum and Dad with their new baby in their own home.  These are the memory photos.  The pictures that you and your children (and their children too) will look back on because they show how you are as a family.

At home

I have photographed newborns and families ‘at home’ for years (both studio style and lifestyle) partly because the confines of a studio is not my thing, but principally because the photographs I take are about you and your environment is part of that and also because it’s just more convenient, especially with a new baby.  No need to pack everything up and transport it to the alien environment of a photographic studio, you’ve got everything that you need to hand, it’s your space and your baby’s space, with the look and feel that you’ve spent all that time and effort choosing.  Why wouldn’t that be the perfect backdrop?


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Tips for photographing your kids in a heatwave

The temperatures just keep on rising.  As I write this I’m hearing that it’s going to be the hottest day of the year.  In this country we often have to contend with the weather if, like me, you photograph children a lot outdoors, and although it’s usually the wet and the cold that concerns us most, being ‘too hot’ has it’s challenges as well. So, whether you’re photographing your own kids this summer, or having them photographed, here are some of my top tips for staying cool during a summer photo session.

1 Choose your location carefully

Somewhere with plenty of shade is ideal.  Not only will it cut down on sun exposure but will also give you some gorgeous light.

2 Timing is everything

Schedule your photographs for early morning or in the evening and avoid the middle of the day.  Just bear in mind that if your session is at the end of a long hot day energy levels are likely to be effected too.  Great if you want everyone to stay in one place but not so good for natural smiles.

3 Water water…

Bring plenty to drink and take frequent breaks to keep everyone happy.  And water is not just good for drinking.  Pour it onto a towel or over your wrists to cool down, and whilst you’re pouring it over people why not consider a water fight, or playtime in the garden sprinkler as a finale to your session

4 Fan club

Bring a fan – battery operated or the old style folded ones.  I try to keep one in my camera bag when it’s hot just in case, and the added value is they look good in the photos too.  It’s also worth considering umbrellas as parasols and not forgetting sun hats and sunglasses, which are also practical as well as stylish in pics.

5 Be prepared and go slow

Remember the essentials, sunscreen, insect repellent, drinks etc  Take lots of breaks and don’t try to force the pace.  Although we all love the sun, too much of a good thing can result in added crankiness!

And last but not least there’s the ice cream treat.  A reward for a great session, another fab cool down, can result in some amazing natural shots…and is good for the photographer too!


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A photograph or a kind of magic

A photograph, for me, is magic.  I said this to someone the other day, who shook their head gently and said “mmm maybe, but it’s not like the old days”.  His argument seemed to be that, because everyone was carrying a camera phone and taking pictures of every aspect of their lives, and because we were missing out of the alchemy of disappearing into a darkroom with a film and emerging with your finished photograph, that the magic had gone.  I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it this way.

True, I fell in love with photography when it was all about film.  I still clearly remember my early point and shoot cameras with their disposable flash cubes (oh how I wish I still had some of those cameras), but, for me, it was never (and still isn’t) about the technology.  I fell for the magic, for the possibilities offered to be creative, to tell a story, to get an emotional response, and to witness life through my viewfinder.  Yes, the tech has changed dramatically, but in the things that matter most to me, it hasn’t changed a bit.  It’s still all about the magic.

I can’t imagine not creating photographs, and I consider myself hugely fortunate to be able to do this and get paid for it too!  As a result of my job I get to meet and spend time with some amazing people and their families.  I have the privilege to spend time with them at some of the most special times in their lives. To spend time with and cuddle their newborns, to interact and play with their children and pets, to get to know them a little and often to make new friends.  And whilst all this is going on I get to create for them.  Images that hopefully give pleasure and allow them to hold on to a time in their lives for a little bit longer, and later revisit the time when their new baby smiled, or held onto their finger, that time when their toddler found everything just ‘so exciting’, or when their teenager thought smiling might be toxic!  All this is magic.

Running a business and coping with family life definitely has it’s moments, but  every time I pick up my camera and work hard on my own kind of alchemy to produce the images, that will help my clients spend time feeling all warm and fuzzy about their own families, I am enormously grateful to be part of this magic.


To find out more about my family and newborn lifestyle photography visit www.kateeverallphotography.com


From newborn to first steps – when to photograph your baby

From newborn to first steps – when to photograph your baby


Up to two weeks – newborn.

It’ll be no surprise that this is one of my favourite times to photograph babies. Physically their bones are still hardening so it is possible to photograph them with those gorgeous curled up poses that are so reminiscent of a newborn and really aren’t achievable in the same way even a couple of weeks time. Of course it also helps that at this age they are still taking long deep sleeps which again makes it possible to capture those adorable looks.

One to three months – new baby.

At this age bones are hardening and muscles growing stronger. Unlike a newborn a baby at this age will be able to focus with both eyes and track a moving object and you will start to see the first genuine smiles.

Three to four months – smiles.

Babies are now starting to hold their head up and develop arm leg co-ordination. More spontaneous smiles (even for strangers) and are reacting to their surroundings. At tis age babies are becoming more engaged and animated all of which will make for some great photographs.

Five to six months – sitting.

Muscles are really strengthening now so sitting with support and as they get older without is a real photo opportunity. They are also likely to be strong enough to hold objects and interact. This is an age for some really engaging baby photographs.

Seven to eight months – teething.

Strong legs mean that babies at this age will be trying to stand and love to bounce. And it’s wonderful to see the way that they can engage in games and explore. Photographs taken at this time can be full of personality. It is likely that they will be teething (the average age is five or six months but it may be earlier or later!) which means dribbling and fingers in mouth can be photographic challenges, although I think they look so cute. It’s also the time at which they may start to become shy around strangers.

Nine to ten months – crawling.

At this age babies will most likely be crawling and will be getting closer to walking by standing holding on to objects (and may be even moving around like this. Their personality is really emerging and they may become very sociable and engaging, or a little shy, or curious. Playing is a great way to get fab photographs.

Eleven to twelve months – first steps.

They may be getting ready for their first steps or even walking alone and starting a very basic vocabulary. Independence can be asserting itself. It’s all about capturing this new person.


Every baby is unique and will develop at their own pace and react differently in different situations. This is one of the joys of being a baby photographer. It’s different every time.



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