Preparing for your shoot


Thank you for booking a portrait session with Kate Everall Photography.  I am thrilled to be creating these images for you.  It is my greatest pleasure and honour to capture that unique character and spark that each of my clients have and capturing you and your horse together is just the start.  The final image preentation will be a daily reminder of that love and bond

I plan each commission so that it is entirely personal to you and your horse.  It should be a relaxed and fun experience that will allow plenty of time for us to get to know each other

In this document you will find my best advice and tips to help you feel comfortable with the process and prepare to get the best from your session

If you have any questions, at anytime, just get in touch.  I am more than happy to help

What to expect

Before your session I will be in touch to clarify last minute arrangements and answer any questions you may have

On the day of the session I will arive in good time and spend a litlle time getting to know you and your horse.  We’ll start with a walk around the area to decide on the best locations and then there will be time for you to change before we get started

A session typically lasts a couple of hours but we have as much time as we need, and can even take breaks, so that everyone feels happy and comfortable throughout

Preparing your horse:

Please groom as if you were going to a show.  It is up to you wether you plait or not. Choose whichever way you prefer your horse to look

Have a clean leather head collar or bridle for your horse and a plain lead rope (preferably black or brown to co-ordinate with your head collar

If you are planning to clip, or do any mane pulling, please do this a few days or a week in advance so that it has time to settle in before the shoot

If your horse is likely to be particularly high energy or fidgity you may wish to consider a little light excercise beforehand just to take the edge off – not too much you don’t want them to look exhausted!

If you can organise a friend to help you on the day, to hold your horse while you get in position, rattle buckets etc. 

What should you wear?

Clothing choice is a question of your own style and the type of images that you would like to achieve. This is also an opportunity for you to ‘go for it’ in the style stakes. Where that outfit that you’ve not had the chance to before.  You are welcome to choose more that one look and change during the shoot.  I would suggest two or three outfit changes at the most to get the most for your session

If more than one person is being photographed please try to co-ordinate colour as it will considerable improve the final images.  Matchy matchty is not necessary but choose a colour theme such as neutrals, or blues etc This allows for indiviual looks that will look good together

Make sure that you are comfortable whatever you wear and that it’s suitable for the weather

I would always recommend that you wear closed toe footwear for safety reason

If you’re going to wear your hair down for the shoot please don’t tie it back beforehand to avoid the dreaded kink

Some smart look suggestions:

Jacket or Barbour

Blouse or shirt

Polo neck


Fitted trousers or smart jodhpurs

Smart tall boots (ideally the same colour as your head collar or bridle)

Smart ankle boots

Some casual/ fun styling

Soft floaty top

Dress – maxi, ballgrown, prom

Dress – short and sassy with long boots


Coloorful trousers

Cosy jumpers – a perfect winter look

T-shirt – avoid large patterns and logos

Scarves, hats etc

After your session

After your session we will arrange a time for you to see your edited images so that you can make your choices

You may already have a place in mind for your new artwork, or you may not.  Either way my aim is to make planning your new dispays as easy as possible.  For this important task only the finest print products will do and you will have the choice of hand crafted bespoke wall art, luxurious hand bound heirloom albums and timelss matted prints.  With each printed product you order you will also receive a digital copy of that image for you to keep and share

Let me know if you have any questions

I'm excited to be doing this shoot with you