Preparing for your dog's photo session

Thank you for booking a portrait session with Kate Everall Photography.  I am thrilled to be creating these images for you.  It is my greatest pleasure and honour to capture that unique character and spark that each of my clients have and capturing your dog is just the start. 

The final image presentation will be a daily reminder of that love and bond

Product choices include:

Wall Art – Gallery Framed, Canvas or Modern Metals
Prestige Album
Portrait Collections – digital & print

Image prices from £150

Wall art from £450

I plan each commission so that it is entirely personal to you and your dog.  It should be a relaxed and fun experience that will allow plenty of time for us to get to know each other

In this document you will find my best advice and tips to help you feel comfortable with the process and prepare to get the best from your session
If you have any questions, at anytime, just get in touch.  I am more than happy to help

Before your session I will be in touch to clarify last minute arrangements and answer any questions you may have

On the day of the session I will arive in good time and spend a litlle time getting to know you and your dog(s).  We’ll start with a walk around the area to decide on the best locations and then there will be time for you to change before we get started

A session typically lasts about an hour but we have as much time as we need, and can even take breaks, so that everyone feels happy and comfortable throughout

Preparing your dog

To get the most from your canine photoshoot these are my top tips on getting ready for your dog’s shoot

Have a collar and lead available for your dog. Even for an ‘in-home session it can be a helpful back-up to hold them in position

If your dog normally wears a harness when out that’s OK, but they can be quite ugly in pictures so ideally we will swap it for a collar and lead once we have reached our location and begin shooting

Give your dog a good brush to get rid of any loose hair

Try and time any clipping to a week before the session so that it has time to ‘settle in’

Bring/ have to hand your dog’s favourite treats and toy

If you want your dog to wear a bandana or bow tie etc have those with you

If you dog is high energy or liable to get over excited consider excercising before the session (in a relatively clean environment) to burn off some excess energy

Don’t forget poo bags!

This is a relaxed and fun experience for both you and your dog(s). If you are nervous or worried about anything just let me know. I’d be happy to chat through any concerns

What to wear

For those of you who are being photographed with your dog then clothing choice is totally based on your family’s style. If you love simple go for simple. If you love fun go for colour.

I would suggest staying away from totally matching (unless that’s what you do as a family anyway)

Co-ordinating amongst family members works much better and is more ‘real life’

Please avoid large patterns or logos as these tend to be distracting

Above all make sure that you are all comfortable in whatever you wear and that it’s suitable for being outdoors (location shoots) and the weather conditions

After your session

We will arrange a time for you to see your edited images so that you can make your choices

You may already have a place in mind for your new artwork, or you may not.  Either way my aim is to make planning your new displays as easy as possible

For this important task only the finest print products will do and you will have the choice of hand crafted bespoke wall art, luxurious hand bound heirloom albums and timeless matted prints 

With each printed product you order you will also receive a digital copy of that image for you to keep and share

I’m excited to be doing this shoot with you and can’t wait to meet your dog(s)

Let me know if you have any questions