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Black Background
Portrait Sessions


Welcome to your Limited Edition Black Background and Christmas Garland portrait session

You are all booked in and I cannot wait to meet you and your horse

Black background photographs are designed to be striking, dramatic portraits of your horse. They will mostly be of your horses head, but we will also include some 3/4 profiles and full body if the shooting location allows

I will also have a Christmas garland with meto capture some Christmas shots too

Sessions last 30 minutes.  Please be ready to go at your alloted time. With multiple sessions happening on the same day if you are not ready your session may be shorter and result in fewer images and less choice

Black Background Portraits

How does a black background shoot work?

Your horse stands in the doorway of a barn stable or other indoor space. I then make sure that the horse is positioned for the shot I’m after. Generally I’m thinking about how the light hits the horse and achieving the most flattering angles.

Normally you will be handling your horse and it’s a great help if there is someone else available who can help to get the horse looking where I would like. I will guide you both throughout the process

I use natural light so that I can work quickly especially with horses who may be a bit fidgety, nervous or just ‘not feeling it’ and it is not unusual for us to walk a horse round and reposition them if needed. This is perfectly normal

Preparing your horse

Please make sure that your horse is groomed and ready to go 5 minutes before your scheduled session. Ideally your prep process should be as calm as possible to ensure your horse is relaxed and stress free for their photo session

A clean well groomed horse will enable you to get the best from your photo session. Please pay attention to the head as that will be the main focus. If you wash your horse beforehand please make sure they are dry, as there is a chance it will show in the photographs if they are still wet

Please avoid clipping in the days running up to your session. In my experience it usually takes a few days for a fresh clip to settle in and look it’s best in pictures

It is entirely up to you whether you plait or not. I suggest you go for however you best like your horse to look

Please have either a clean leather head collar or bridle (reins on) and don’t forget to change the brow band, if you have a special one.You will know best how your horse is likely to behave and wether they will be easier to handle in a a head collar or bridle

I will also have with me a photo halter, which is specially designed to be removed when I edit the images and will give you that liberty look

If you can please avoid brightly coloured head collars and lead ropes

Preparing your horse for photos

The Christmas Garland

I will bring a Christmas Garland with me for those festive shots.  Although it appears in the final image as a wreath round your horse’s neck it is actually open ended so that we can tie it around them rather than having to put anything over their head.  I know many horse wouldn’t like that

In case of rain!

Thankfully because your horse and you will be under cover for this type of shoot we will be able to go ahead regardless of any rain

After the session I will edit your photographs and create a collection for you to choose from. This usually takes about a week and includes things like removing lead ropes and ‘cleaning up’ the back ground if needed.  A session like this typically results in around 20-25 edited images

Viewing will be via a private online gallery and when your images are ready for you to see I will send you a link.  From here you will be able to choose the garland image you wish to have printed on your complimentary tree decoration. 

You are welcome to purchase other images from the session if you wish.  A 10% discount is available on all our usual print products. Prices from £150

After Your Session

Christmas order deadlines

With Christmas just around the corner please be aware of the following order deadlines to allow delivery in time for the big day

1 Dec – Tree Decorations

1 Dec – Gallery Framed Wall Art

4 Dec – Canvas Wall Art

4 Dec – Matted Prints

15 Dec – Digital files (please allow additional time if you intend to print from these yourself in time for Christmas)

See you Soon!

If you have any questions let me know

Complimentary products cannot be exchanged for other products or for cash

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