Welcome to Kate Everall Photography

Hi I’m Kate

For the last 15 years + I have been a Buckinghamshire based portrait photographer.  Throughout that time I have photographed hundreds of portraits, always on location and usually outdoors.

My approach is relaxed and working with horses, dogs and children, often together, patience, being able to laugh and adapt have become key characteristics to create great photograph art for my clients

I love that I photograph people with their horses and dogs. I am an observer, commissioned to tell your story in photographs and the most rewarding commissions are those where I can capture that moment of genuine connection,  maybe the way you smile and look at your horse, the way you are together that tells your unique story

I simply love to take photographs that you will love and be proud to hang on your wall and show off to your friends and family.  Of course commissioning a professional photographer can be a scary thing to do, so I make sure that I will be on hand to help you through the process from your first email/ call, through your session and afterwards whilst we create beautiful photographic art for you

"She has a wonderful way of making you relaxed in front of the camera and the results were amazing. Kate has a way, not just of taking a photograph, but capturing a moment; you can feel the emotions in each shot. We are so pleased with the photos we ended up choosing"

My approach

Most people I know hate having their photograph taken.  I’m not great at telling jokes (I forget the punchlines!) but over the years I’ve developed lots of little ways to keep everything relaxed and make sure that everyone has a good time and comes out looking their best

When I started as a professional photographer a studio was the usual way to have your portrait taken, and white background was the trend. I’ve always been a bit of an ‘outdoors sort of girl’ and so this is where I love to do as much of my work as possible, perfect if you want your horse or your dog to star in your portrait alongside you.

For most of my clients being outside is more familiar than being in a studio, so they find it easier to be themselves and I love natural light. I believe that it gives my work a softer more flattering feel 

Of course, not everyone lives in a ‘show home’ or has the prettiest outside space, if you do that’s great, but I am very well practiced a finding places to create great images, even in the most unlikely of places


When you commission a portrait session with me you’re commissioning a guided, tested creative, process designed to make it all as easy as possible for you, make sure you look and feel your best and have great images to choose from


When you are ready to book your portrait session please get in touch.  I’d love to hear from you…

"Kate did photo shoot with our very anxious German shepherd rescue dog, who doesn't like to leave my side! I was a little unsure how it would go but needn't have worried. Kate was extremely patient, allowed her to take her time and have a break when she needed it and the results are fabulous. I'd highly recommend Kate, whatever your photography needs, you won't be dissapointed"
Dog portrait photography in Milton Keynes