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From newborn to first steps – when to photograph your baby - Kate Everall Photography
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From newborn to first steps – when to photograph your baby

From newborn to first steps – when to photograph your baby


Up to two weeks – newborn.

It’ll be no surprise that this is one of my favourite times to photograph babies. Physically their bones are still hardening so it is possible to photograph them with those gorgeous curled up poses that are so reminiscent of a newborn and really aren’t achievable in the same way even a couple of weeks time. Of course it also helps that at this age they are still taking long deep sleeps which again makes it possible to capture those adorable looks.

One to three months – new baby.

At this age bones are hardening and muscles growing stronger. Unlike a newborn a baby at this age will be able to focus with both eyes and track a moving object and you will start to see the first genuine smiles.

Three to four months – smiles.

Babies are now starting to hold their head up and develop arm leg co-ordination. More spontaneous smiles (even for strangers) and are reacting to their surroundings. At tis age babies are becoming more engaged and animated all of which will make for some great photographs.

Five to six months – sitting.

Muscles are really strengthening now so sitting with support and as they get older without is a real photo opportunity. They are also likely to be strong enough to hold objects and interact. This is an age for some really engaging baby photographs.

Seven to eight months – teething.

Strong legs mean that babies at this age will be trying to stand and love to bounce. And it’s wonderful to see the way that they can engage in games and explore. Photographs taken at this time can be full of personality. It is likely that they will be teething (the average age is five or six months but it may be earlier or later!) which means dribbling and fingers in mouth can be photographic challenges, although I think they look so cute. It’s also the time at which they may start to become shy around strangers.

Nine to ten months – crawling.

At this age babies will most likely be crawling and will be getting closer to walking by standing holding on to objects (and may be even moving around like this. Their personality is really emerging and they may become very sociable and engaging, or a little shy, or curious. Playing is a great way to get fab photographs.

Eleven to twelve months – first steps.

They may be getting ready for their first steps or even walking alone and starting a very basic vocabulary. Independence can be asserting itself. It’s all about capturing this new person.


Every baby is unique and will develop at their own pace and react differently in different situations. This is one of the joys of being a baby photographer. It’s different every time.



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