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Why lifestyle newborn photography? - Kate Everall Photography
Lifestyle newborn photography
Lifestyle newborn
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lifestyle newborn

Why lifestyle newborn photography?

The arrival of a newborn baby is such a special time in any family.  The waiting is over, you’ve chosen a name, and finished decorating the nursery, and now have this tiny precious life in your arms.  After all that time and planning it’s difficult to believe how quickly they are going to grow and change.  This is one of your family’s major milestones and definitely one worth capturing in photo form.

A beautifully posed newborn is gorgeous.  Those tiny features all curled up and foetal like.  That much cuteness is hard to resist and what baby doesn’t look sweet in a basket?  So why choose ‘lifestyle’ or life inspired’ newborn photography

Beautiful and natural

Lifestyle photography is all about naturalness.  About images that are unforced and inspired by your life and your family.  They are images that show emotions and are designed to stand the test of time.  They are moments that you can look back and remember and that your children (and their children) can look at and understand not just how small and cute they were, but where your family was at that time and how much they were loved.


Lifestyle newborn photographer and baby photography at your home Milton Keynes, Buckingham, Towcester



Studio newborn (or studio style) are generally completed within the first two weeks from your baby’s birth.  The reason for this is because they can still be posed in that fabulous curled up look.  Lifestyle newborn can give you a couple more weeks to get your session organised because the emphasis is on the natural ‘at home’ look rather than the posed.

Pictures with Mum and Dad (and siblings too)

One of my favourite thing about lifestyle newborn photography is the opportunity to have natural looking photographs of Mum and Dad with their new baby in their own home.  These are the memory photos.  The pictures that you and your children (and their children too) will look back on because they show how you are as a family.

At home

I have photographed newborns and families ‘at home’ for years (both studio style and lifestyle) partly because the confines of a studio is not my thing, but principally because the photographs I take are about you and your environment is part of that and also because it’s just more convenient, especially with a new baby.  No need to pack everything up and transport it to the alien environment of a photographic studio, you’ve got everything that you need to hand, it’s your space and your baby’s space, with the look and feel that you’ve spent all that time and effort choosing.  Why wouldn’t that be the perfect backdrop?


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