Limited Edition

by Kate

Welcome to your Limited Edition Wildflower photo shoot

You are all booked in and I can’t wait to meet you and your horse!

Let me tell you what you need to know about your session


Essential Info

Thank you so much for taking part in the Wildflower photo shoots.  We’re going to have a great time capturing some beautiful portraits of you and your horse

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask

The venue is Lillingstone Pick Your Own, Stockholt Farm, Lillingstone Dayrell, Buckingham, MK18 5AF

PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY as you arrive and depart.  There is plenty of parking up near the barns

A quick heads up! There are a few pigs (4 or 5) on site as part of the visitor attraction.  I know some horses can be a bit spooky around pigs, if this is your horse we can make sure we take a route that avoids passing past their enclosure

We are photographing in the wildflower meadow

Your session will last 30 minutes and will include photographs of your horse alone as well as the two of you together

Please be ready to go at your allocated time, unfortunately the schedule for the day means we can’t wait and if you’re not ready you may end up with less time and fewer images to choose from

Once your session is over you are free to leave.  I will be editing the images taken over the next week to 10 days and will be in touch to show you the results as soon as they are ready

Your booking fee is redeemable against any images you choose to purchase, in addition I am gifting you an image credit of £150* that you can use on images from your session


What to wear

Go for it! This session would be the perfect opportunity to break out ‘that dress’! The one that you don’t have much opportunity to wear

Something long and flowing – a ball gown, a prom dress, or a summer maxi dress would all work well with the setting

If you don’t have something long then maybe something short and sassy?

Or if a dress really isn’t your thing then jeans or dark trousers/ jodhpurs and a floaty soft top or blouse

Please try to avoid large patterns or logos as these tend to be distracting

Please wear suitable footwear.  I always suggest closed toes boots or shoes

Please groom as if you were going to a show and don’t forget hooves

Leave manes unplaited for maximum drama

If you are going to clip or pull manes this should be done a week beforehand so that it has time to ‘settle in’ before the shoot

Whenever possible we will use a ‘photo halter’ (which I will supply and which can be removed when I edit the images) to give that liberty look, but you will need your own clean smart head collar to walk your horse to the shoot location and also as a back up in case there is some reason why the photo halter can’t be used

If possible, bring a friend with you to help lead your horse, especially if you are wearing a long dress, hold them whilst you get into position, and rattle a bucket for those all important ears!

How to prepare your horse

In case of rain!

I hate having to write this, but we are talking the Great British weather here!

Fingers crossed it won’t be necessary but if it looks as though the weather is against us I will be in touch on the day of the shoot to let you know in good time.  The venue have assured is we will be able to reschedule and we will organise that for as soon as we can

See you soon!

*Image credits can be applied to products purchased at your viewing and cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash

Booking/ session fees cannot be redeemed against an image credit

Terms and conditions apply