Woman sitting in the heather of Rushmere Park in Bedfordshire with two Springer Spanilel dogs
Head and shoulders picture of woman with long grey hair wearing a pink scarfa
Welcome to Kate Everall Photography

Over 15 years experience

For the last 15 years + I have been a portrait photographer.  Throughout that time I have photographed hundreds of portraits, always on location and usually outdoors.


My approach is relaxed and working with horses, dogs and children, often together, patience, being able to laugh and adapt have become key characteristics to create great photograph art for my clients

In my world horses and dogs are family too

My philospophy

It’s all about telling your story

No forced smiles, fake ‘happy’ and stare at the camera

I’ll compose and guide and the magic will happen.  It’s that look, that gesture, that emotion that conveys the feeling of the moment

“I have known Kate for many years and watched her grow and develop as a photographer.  I have always maintained that her photographs are art, her skill combined with her love for her subject comes through.  The result is a depth and connection missing from so much photography”  ~  Sarah


Every time I pick up my camera it is to bring you to a feeling and memory

I believe a photographer should be able to strike the balance between a technically perfect image and capturing emotion, connection and story

I simply love to take photographs that you will love and be proud to hang on your wall and show off to your friends and family. 

I understand that commissioning a professional photographer can be a scary thing to do, so I make sure that I will be on hand to help you through the process from your first email/ call, through your session and afterwards whilst we create beautiful photographic art for you

Beautiful photographs of the ones you love to enjoy every day

“I’d highly recommend Kate, she makes you feel relaxed and just fits in around you and your horse whilst you hang out with your furry friends and she snaps away capturing moments we cherish

Kate can create these memories into wonderful photographs so you can reflect back on them whenever you wish” ~ Becca

Head and shoulders picture of woman with long grey hair wearing a pink scarfa
Owner, founder, photographer

Kate Everall

It was my friends who suggested I could be a photographer and when I set up Kate Everall Photography I gave myself a deadline to see what would happen.  More than 15 years later I am still here, still taking pictures and still loving it.  I guess I owe those friends a huge ‘thank you’

Back when I started horses and dogs were not on my agenda (although both were involved in an early wedding shoot) but taking portraits out of the studio and into the great outdoors gave the opportunity to include the dog in the family portrait and then it wasn’t long before I was asked to include a horse and the rest, as they say, is history

My basic philosphy remains the same, keep it simple and look for the feeling, which means putting everyone in front of the camera at ease, and I have lots of experience doing exactly that