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A photograph or a kind of magic - Kate Everall Photography
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A photograph or a kind of magic

A photograph, for me, is magic.  I said this to someone the other day, who shook their head gently and said “mmm maybe, but it’s not like the old days”.  His argument seemed to be that, because everyone was carrying a camera phone and taking pictures of every aspect of their lives, and because we were missing out of the alchemy of disappearing into a darkroom with a film and emerging with your finished photograph, that the magic had gone.  I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it this way.

True, I fell in love with photography when it was all about film.  I still clearly remember my early point and shoot cameras with their disposable flash cubes (oh how I wish I still had some of those cameras), but, for me, it was never (and still isn’t) about the technology.  I fell for the magic, for the possibilities offered to be creative, to tell a story, to get an emotional response, and to witness life through my viewfinder.  Yes, the tech has changed dramatically, but in the things that matter most to me, it hasn’t changed a bit.  It’s still all about the magic.

I can’t imagine not creating photographs, and I consider myself hugely fortunate to be able to do this and get paid for it too!  As a result of my job I get to meet and spend time with some amazing people and their families.  I have the privilege to spend time with them at some of the most special times in their lives. To spend time with and cuddle their newborns, to interact and play with their children and pets, to get to know them a little and often to make new friends.  And whilst all this is going on I get to create for them.  Images that hopefully give pleasure and allow them to hold on to a time in their lives for a little bit longer, and later revisit the time when their new baby smiled, or held onto their finger, that time when their toddler found everything just ‘so exciting’, or when their teenager thought smiling might be toxic!  All this is magic.

Running a business and coping with family life definitely has it’s moments, but  every time I pick up my camera and work hard on my own kind of alchemy to produce the images, that will help my clients spend time feeling all warm and fuzzy about their own families, I am enormously grateful to be part of this magic.


To find out more about my family and newborn lifestyle photography visit www.kateeverallphotography.com

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