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Newborn information and pricing - Kate Everall Photography
newborn photography
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The first few days of your newborn baby’s life are so special, so precious.  It’s a once in a lifetime moment and they will be this tiny for such a short time.  The birth of a new baby marks a defining moment in your life and I am thrilled that you are considering me to capture this time for you.  Whether you choose to an at home lifestyle session or studio style (or a combination of the two) our newborn sessions are designed and photographed by me in your home for the comfort of your baby and for your convenience.


Newborn studio style

Studio style portraits are typically taken when your new baby is 5-10 days old, so that we can capture that gorgeous tiny curled up look that only a newborn has.  Typically they are photographed asleep and posed, and I also aim to capture all those tiny details that you are going to know and love over the next few weeks and months.


Newborn lifestyle

Newborn lifestyle portraits can be taken up to 4weeks old.  My aim in a lifestyle session is to capture the gorgeousness of a newborn and those tiny details but the sty;e and approach is more natural, less posed.  Your home (and most notably the nursery become the backdrop for some beautiful images that, I hope, will become great memories.  Mum and Dad are also included, and it’s not unusual for photographs to be ‘eyes open’ as well as asleep.

Most people tend to prefer one style but I am happy to incorporate elements of each if you wish


When to book

Your baby’s first photo session should take place during the first few precious weeks of your baby’s life when they are still very small. The idea is to catch the essence of being ‘new’ with all the innocence and purity that goes with that.

Newborn photo sessions are available Monday to Friday, with some limited availability at weekends.  I only shoot one newborn session in a day so please check for current availability.

I strongly recommend that you contact me during your pregnancy to arrange your session, so that you don’t miss out!  We can make a provisional booking based on your due date and then I will wait to hear from you once you have arrived home with your new baby. We can confirm the date and time then.

I will contact you ahead of your session to answer any questions that you may have and discuss your requirements, locations, clothing etc. I want you to relax and enjoy your photo session, so please ask any questions that you may have.

During a session I like to allow plenty of time for feeding and cuddling during the session to make sure that your new baby is completely comfortable and settled during the session and so a typical session will last between 2 and 4 h ours.  It sounds like a long time but the best results will be achieved if we work to your new baby’s rhythms.

I will bring with me everything that we need. including backdrops (if your choice is studio style, wraps and throws, and nappy covers if needed, so that you do not have to do or prepare anything.  Just sit back relax and enjoy.

Included in your session is:

  • time spent preparing for the session
  • travel to the session
  • the session (up to three hours)
  • the post session editing
  • preparing your photographs for you
  • A custom design fine art keepsake book featuring images from your session

Digital images or prints can be purchased after your session.  Heirloom albums and books, wall art, and print collections and digital files are all available, or create a custom collection for even better value.  Prices from £150

The booking fee for a newborn photo session is £135