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Life inspired family photography at home and on location
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I love family photography. There is something so special about helping families record their lives together, so they can keep and hold those memories forever.

All photographers have their own approach and style. Some are more formal, they have you stand and pose. Some family photographers like to do more un-posed sessions. Some work in studios with white walls and some outdoors.

I like to blend approaches so that I can capture how family members interact, creating authentic expression and family moments. So, I love kids running and playing. I also love in-home lifestyle sessions, but I am not a big fan of in-studio family sessions (it’s not that they are bad, they are just not me). So you can choose to have your session at your home or out and about at a favourite place nearby, whichever is more ‘your family’.

I love the effect of natural light, indoors and out. I love informal and documentary, so not everyone will be looking at the camera all the time, but I’ll also give guidance to set up shots and situations. So you maybe posed a little but you’ll also be moving around walking, running and having a good time. Family photo sessions will be fun. We cuddle, we play, and mum and dad maybe needed to do a little lifting e.g. throwing kids as high as they can go.

Here are some examples of the types of family photography you will see from me if you book a session. I hope you like what you see. And if you do just drop me a line or give me a call.

kate@kateeverallphotography.com or call 01908 371 537



These sessions I do throughout the year. All I need is a bit of daylight, a family who is ready to give up a bit of control and our session will be amazing. Wellies and jumping in puddles can be fun. Wrapping up and throwing autumn leaves is great. Snow? Fabulous. And of course there’s nothing like a little summer sun

Do you have pets? Bring them, they are part of the family too



Have you thought about something in your home? We can set up to photograph in home (and garden) in the same way we’d approach and outdoor shoot, using backdrops to hide what you’d rather not see, if necessary or alternatively why not try ‘lifestyle’ to capture your everyday? You don’t have to have a perfect beautiful house. It does help to have some light, but not necessary. These are the memories you can look back at and remember.



Contemporary family portrait photography is generally considered a fresh and natural approach to traditional studio based family portraiture.  Generally speaking I like to take photographs that appear less posed, less stiff, more natural and more authentic expression.  To create the kind of images, of you, your children and your family, that you will be proud to hang on your wall I love to work with natural light, often outdoors or at your home.  Let’s go out for a walk, let’s play, let’s have some fun and let’s capture those genuine family moments.


Included in your session is:

  • time spent preparing for the session
  • travel to the session
  • the session itself (typically 60-90 minutes)
  • the post session editing
  • preparing your photographs for you

Your booking fee does not include any digital images or prints.  These can be purchased after your session.  Heirloom albums and books, wall art, and print collections and digital files are all available, or create a custom collection for even better value.  Prices from £150

The booking fee for a newborn photo session is £75


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