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FAQs - dog photography - Kate Everall Photography
Dog photography frequently asked questions for outdoor portrait sessions in Milton Keynes, Towcester,Buckingham and surrounding areas
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Frequently asked questions

What if my dog won’t sit still or misbehaves?

Most of the dogs are photograph are just ordinary dogs mostly untrained, easily distracted and don’t always do what they’re told or even come back when they are called and just like the dogs you meet when you are out walking some are fearful of strangers and/ not great with other dogs!  If some of this sounds like your dog there is no need to despair.  I have various techniques and tricks up my sleeve to help deal with all of these kind of things, and we’ll have a chat before the session to help me get to know you and your dog and let you know what to expect.

So few dogs are perfectly behaved, so please don’t let this put you off, besides I like a dog with a bit of character!


How many dogs will you photograph?

A normal session allows for up to two dogs, from the same family, but obviously we can include more if you have more. We just have to allow for more time at the session and more editing, so there will be an extra charge of £25 per dog.  If you have more than 5 dogs please get in touch and I can provide you with a customised quote.


Can I and/ or my family be included?

Yes, of course.  There is a special bond between dogs and their humans that I just love to catch on camera, and I am a family photographer too so working with both children and animals is not a problem


How do I choose a location?

I will work with you to help you choose a location.  We’ll take into account where you live and the character of your dog.  A local park or woods might work or perhaps a more urban location if that’s your preference.  Home may also be an option for elderly or very young dogs.  Ideally, as a photographer, I’m looking for open shade – such as under trees or awnings – and abundant light.  I’m more than happy to chat through options with you


What if the weather is awful?

If the weather is really bad on the day (and if we don’t have an alternative indoor location) then we will reschedule the session.  It’s much better to do this so that you get images that you can be proud of.  No one enjoys an outdoor photo session in heavy rain.  Your dog’s safety is also of paramount importance to me so very hot weather may also mean we need to look at rescheduling too


How far will you travel?

I’m based on the outskirts of Milton Keynes and regularly take sessions in and around Milton Keynes, Buckingham and Towcester.  I am of course happy to travel further  away.  If that is likely to be more than 45 minutes from MK please contact me for a travel expenses quote before you make a booking